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Guns For Sale

Below is a listing of current gun inventory that is for sale.

Please contact me with any questions, photos or interest to purchase.

NEW Firearms

None at this time.

USED Firearms

AH Fox Sterlingworth.  16g. Utica Gun.  28″ barrels.  $1,200

Lefever DS 12g. 30″.  Super High Condition!  $1,000

N. Guyot.  Paris Best Sidelock.  12g. SxS.  Purdey Quality.  $5,500

Ithaca Flues Field grade.  16g. 28″ M/F.  Great condition.  $775

Griffin & Howe Model 70 Sporter. 1961 Manuf.  300 Weatherby Mag.  G&H Side Mount with Scope.  $6,000

Winchester Model 70 Varmint.  243 Win.  1956 manufacture.  16x Unertl scope included.  $3,000



* All prices are plus shipping and sales tax (for NY residents).  FFL is required for shipment or C&R for qualifying firearms.