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A Full Restoration of an Ithaca NID 28g.

This little 28g. Ithaca received a full restoration with all work, except Case Color, being done in house.

A new buttstock was made from grade appropriate american walnut, the original forend received a new ebony wedge tip and was refinished.  Original checkering on forend was recut and new checkering in factory style cut on the new buttstock.  All metal was polished out and repaired where needed.  All screws were replaced not the action.  The barrels were rust blued and other blued parts were Nitre blued.  Case Colors were done by Classic Case Colors LLC.

Complete restoration of a rare Parker GH.

This Parker GH is one of very few made with original 25″ barrels.  The complete gun was restored to like new. A new stock and forend were made from figured circassian walnut, the barrels’ black & white finish was restored by Dale Edmonds, All metal was repaired and prepped for engraving to be recut by Geoffroy Gournet.  Case coloring by Turnbull.  All wood work, metal prep, and nitro bluing was done by myself.

A BMD Gunstocks Parker Repro with its bag.

A Restocked Parker Reproduction DHE 20g. with a handsome rooster.


A plain and simple restock of a VH 16g.

This old family gun had seen a lot of use over the years.  The buttstock had been cut down very short and then a crude wood extension added on to make it shootable.  The owner wanted the wood work put back right again.  The gun was fitted with a piece of new, grade appropriate, American walnut.  The dimensions were matched to original.  A new buttplate, grip cap and new screws were also fitted.  The original forend was refinished and all checkering cut/recut in the original factory style.

Good for another 100 years.

Restoration of a Parker BHE Trap.

This BHE Trap gun was completely restored to like new condition.  It was fitted with all new wood using a piece of highly figured Turkish walnut.  All metal surfaces were repaired and polished.  All new screws were fitted tot he action.  The engraving was restored by Geoffroy Gournet.  Trigger guard Nitre Blued and trigger nickel plated.  Case colors by Turnbull.

Making them look untouched

It is very important to me to do restoration work in a sympathetic manner and to not make a firearm look restored.  Unless the purpose is to make a firearm look like brand new, the object should be to have the work done fit well with the surrounding condition in order to create a great overall package.

This Parker DH had it’s checkering worn down pretty smooth and the owner wished to have it recut.  completely pointing it up to like new would stick out like a sore thumb next to the rest fo the finishes on the gun.  So a careful job was executed to clean out and deepen each line to an appropriate depth for the amount of use that the gun has had.  The wrist, forend and butt surface were all treated in this way.  Also a buggered up hinge pin screw was replaced with a clean used one and properly timed.  The end result is a gun that looks like it wore and aged to exactly how it is.

A Fully Restored Parker CHE 20g. 2 Barrel Set.

This Parker Bros. CHE 2 barrel set in 20g. is a rare gun indeed and well worth the full restoration it received.  One of the barrel sets had been shortened in the past, but it and its matching forend were still with the gun.  All metal finishes were restored to like new as well as 75% of the engraving being recut.  The buttstock and both forends were replaced with new wood and made to match the factory specifications as per the PGCA Letter.

IMG_0691 IMG_0718 IMG_0716 IMG_0689 IMG_0707

A BMD Gunstocks restored Parker VH gets the game!

A fully restored and custom stocked Parker VH 16g. on 0 frame shown here with the owners proud take for a hard day of hunting.

Nagel VH with Grouse

Restoring a Winchester 43 in .218 BEE

This family heirloom was a little worse for wear and the owner of it wanted it to look like new again.  The barreled action had very good original bluing under some minor rust freckling, so it was cleaned up to 99% condition without needing to be re-blued.  All smaller parts and bolt assembly were polished out and re-blued.   All original screws were salvaged and cleaned up.  The original walnut stock was refinished as well.

Restocking a Parker Reproduction 20g.

This repro 20g. had its original buttstock broken right through the wrist. This is a common problem on some Parker Reproductions due to softer claro walnut that was used in combination with poor grain layout in the wrists.  A new stock and forend were made for it from high quality circassian walnut. The checkering and finish was done in the original Meriden style. The buttstock was made to customer’s specifications for LOP, drop and cast-off. Also, an additional set of 16g. barrels were fitted to the gun to make a 2 barrel 20/16 set. Both breech faces were polished out and broached in the Meriden style.