Refinishing & Repair

AH Fox B grade

This Fox B grade had its butt severely messed up by someone who had no business installing a new buttplate.  The butt of the stock was reshaped completely to eliminate the damage and a new recoil pad was installed.  The wood was then completely refinished and the checkering recut.


Remington 1894

The cheeks on this Remington had been pinned and the wrist/head partially broken through.  The cheeks were taken down and veneered with new wood to cover the old pin.  The head was repaired and the stock was refinished to retain all signs of age and damaged.  The original checkering was also recut.


Parker Top Action Hammer gun with Fluid Steel Barrels. 

This is a very rare Parker Hammer gun that was originally built with Fluid Steel Barrels.  One of about 12 made as far as we know.  The original wood was in overall good and solid but had a lot of finish wear and surface marks.  The barrel blue was pretty much gone and turned gray.  The stock and forend was reworked and finished.  All checkering re-cut.  The barrel set was polished out and rust blued.


Winchester 1894 Deluxe takedown.

This Winchester had very oil soaked wood with a few chip-outs around the metal.  The wood was de-oiled, repaired and refinished to like new.  All of the original checkering was very worn.  Almost completely gone on the forend.  It was all recut to original standards.  A lyman peep sight and sling swivels were also installed on request.


Beretta S05 Sporting

This Beretta had badly worn finish and a lot of marks in the wood from use.  The wood was worked over, refinished in hand rubbed oil and all checkering recut.


Fox CE 12g. 

This high condition Fox CE had its stock refinished at one time with a very dark chocolate brown stain and a high gloss finish.  The stain was so dark that the figure of the wood could barely be seen.  The finish and stain was removed and the the wood refinished with an original style amber shellac.  Checkering recut and a new recoil pad installed.


Lefever B grade.

This very early Special order B grade Lefever was in pretty sad condition.  The wood was very worn and devoid of finish.  The checkering almost worn smooth and the original horn forend tip was gone and filled in with glue and yellow sawdust.  A new horn tip was fitted to the original inletting and then shaped in the proper style.  All of the wood was de-oiled and new finish applied, leaving all of the original marks and signs of age.  All the fine and intricate checkering was recut and a new recoil pad was installed.


Fox J Grade Single Barrel Trap.

This Rare Fox Single Barrel had significant wear to the stock.  Heavy gouges and dents in areas, finish wear and even a name scratched in the one cheek panel.  Stock and forend were repaired, new finish applied and checkering re-cut.  A new Hawkins recoil pad was also fitted to the stock.


Belgian 16g. SxS

This High Quality Belgian guild gun had seen some hard use.  Several large gouges and dents were in the wood.  The top of the forend on both sides was all chewed up along the barrels.  The top sides of the forend were both removed and new pieces of wood installed and re-inletted to fit against the barrels.  The seam is hidden by the top of the checkering pattern.  The buttstock had nearly all of the damage repaired and all wood was refinished.  The 28 line per inch checkering was then recut.  Along with the checkered butt.


AH Fox HE Super Fox

This super fox had previously been restocked and the owner of it was not happy with the shape of the stock in a lot of areas.  It was very fat in the wrist and blocky feeling.  The wood was all very high above the metal.  The comb flute was shaped very oddly and the finish was way to light and dry looking.  I was able to restyle the stock and forend to thin it out and make it look more like a Fox should.  A finish was applied to darken the color more and bring the figure out in the wood.  And it was checkered in more of a proper Fox pattern.


Beretta SxS stock repair.

This Beretta was fallen on and the stock head was broken and opened up.  A good solid epoxy glue repair could be had on it and the finish touched up to where the break is very hard to see.


Parker DHE stock toe repair

This DHE had been dropped on its toe and broken.  The wood was broken clean and opened wide but it was still attached.  And the buttplate was bent at the toe.  The buttplate was removed, wood glued back together tightly, buttplate straightened back out and the finish touched up for a pretty much seamless repair.


Ithaca NID Super Ten

This Ithaca had its breech lockup tightened, buttstock and forend refinished and checkering recut after some minor repairs, and all blued metal refinished.


CZ 550 Safari Rifle

This CZ rifle left little to be desired as finished from the factory.  It had a very dark redish stain over what ended up being a very nice piece of Circassian Walnut.  The stain was so dark, the grain could hardly be seen.  The owner of the rifle wanted a number of custom alterations along with the refinish.  The forend shortened, steel grip cap added, forend/grip thinned out and better shaping around the ejection port.  Due to the alterations, the checkering had to be all recut.  A new recoil pad installed.  All metal was also reblued and accent pieces were color case hardened for a custom touch.  The bolt handle was also polished out, flatened and checkered on the bottom side.  Color Case Hardening by Malcolm Clark of E. Haddam, CT.


Parker DHE 12g.

This DHE had a poorly fitted recoil pad as well as a lot of finish wear to the stock and dings and dents.  The wood was refinished in Shellac and checkered like new.  A Red Silvers pad was installed along with a spur attached to it to fit into the inletting in the stock.  Barrels and trigger guard were also re-blued.


Parker CH 12g.

This CH Parker had some minor issues that the owner wanted corrected.  A section of burl wood had shrunk up and lifted on the bottom of the stock by the silver oval.  The finish was also very dry in many spots.  The original recoil pad was hard and flattened.  The checkering was all there, but pretty worn and filled in.  The wood defects were repaired and the finish freshened up.  every scratch and mark was left in the wood as to maintain an aged look.  The recoil pad was replaced with a new one.  All of the 24 lpi checkering was fully recut.  The owner requested that I also add checkered cheek panels to the gun to dress it up a little.  The panels were set down into the cheeks and checkered at 28 lines per inch.  The finished result is a freshened up gun that hardly looks like it was touched.


Parker GH 20g. 0 frame Refinish

This 20g. GH started out as a worn, but solid gun.  The finish on the stock was very dry and completely gone in many areas.  The checkering about half worn.  The buttplate was broken and the toe of the stock broken off at the tip.  The wood also had a lot of various dents and gouges in it.  The customer wished to have the gun freshened up, but not to be made to look like new.  The buttplate was replaced and the toe repaired.  Damage was worked out of the wood and a fresh shellac finish applied.  Checkering completely recut.  Alsothe barrels and trigger guard was reblued.


Parker GH Butt Transplant

This factory 24″ barreled straight grip Parker GH had its stock cut off very short at one time.  The Length of Pull was only about 12″ or so.  The head of the stock was in reasonable condition and the customer did not have it in his budget to replace the stock with a new one.  So a butt transplant presented itself as a very good option.  The original stock was cut off in line with the rear of the checkering pattern.  A new piece of wood of matching grain and color was put onto the old stock section.  It was shaped to the required dimensions and with stain and finish, it was blended to match the front of the stock very well.  New checkering nearly completely hides the joint.


Parker VH 16g. 0 frame stock repair

This Parker VH 16g. had the relatively common issue of a split and spreading head.  The internals of the head were very badly broken and the splitting carried back beyond the upper tang into the wrist.  The buttplate area of the gun had also suffered damage to the toe and edges.  A replacement buttplate was very poorly fitted to the gun.  The head of the stock was able to be rebuilt and reinforced by gluing a staple into the face of the head as to prevent any similar issues in the future.  A new 0 frame sized buttplate was fitted to the butt.  The curve had to be put back into the butt and the profile brought down to meet the new plate.  Following repairs, a fresh shellac finish was applied to stock and forend and all checkering re-cut.


Parker VHE Vent Rib 12g. Repair

This Parker suffered a punctured primer along with an overloaded shell which blew off the side of the stock head.  Most of the piece of the stock were recovered and a good repair could be done on it.


A.H. Fox CE 12g. Refinish 

This Fox CE’s original finish was very worn.  Down to bare wood in most areas.  And the checkering’s fine line border was nearly gone.  The checkering on the buttstock was in overall good condition, but the forend checkering was very worn down.  The customer wished to have the checkering recut and the finish just freshened up to maintain an original aged look.  And to have a new recoil pad fitted.  What was left of the original finish was removed and cleaned.  Fresh shellac was applied to renew the finish.  All checkering and borders were re-cut.  A new period style recoil pad was fitted and installed to the buttstock.


Ithaca NID Repairs

This NID 16g. had a non original Beavertail Forend on it that was both damaged and not of correct form.  The wrist checkering was very worn and it also had an old whiteline recoil pad on it.  A new splinter forend was made for it in the correct style with ebony inlay.  Along with newly cut checkering on it.  The checkering on the wrist was recut.  The old recoil pad was replaced with a new, correct style, Ithaca “Sunburst” pad.


Remington Short Range Rifle Ebony Inlay Replacement

The original Ebony Inlay on the grip of this Remington stock had fallen out and been lost a long time ago.  There was also some chip out damage to the wood from the time of the inlay coming out or maybe from use afterwards.  The inletting for the inlay had to be widened some in order to elimiate the chip out damage. Filling it would have been unsightly and working down the surface was not a good option for repair as it would change the attractive profile of the grip.  A new ebony inlay was made and fitted to the inletting.  The bottom and front rim of the grip were stained and finished to match the rest of the aged stock.


Parker CHE 12g. forend rework

This Parker CHE had a Beavertail Forend added to it that was in no way correct in form.  It was very fat and had a large belly on it.  Checkering was incorrect and the mechanical alterations to the forend were crudely done making the forend difficult to stay on the barrels when firing.  The forwas was able to be mechanically repaired and the wood reworked into a proper shape with correct checkering.


JP Sauer Sidelock 12g.

This Sauer had an above average piece of original wood on it.  However, the finish was so badly aged that it was very dark and the stock was also very badly beated up.  It had several dents, scratches and gouges in the butt area.  The checkering was also very work down.  The Stock was able to be stripped of the original finish and old oil drawn out of it.  Minor surface damage to stock and forend was steamed up with more major damage being filed/sanded out.  A fresh oil finish was applied and all checkering recut to the original pattern.


Remington Sportsman 16g. clean up.

This old Remington was used for many years and is soon to be handed down the the younger generation.  The owner wanted it cleaned up some and wanted in personalized for his grandson.  The wood was freshened up with new finish, a recoil pad installed with no alteration to the original curved butt.  A brass oval was inlaid into the bottom of the grip and the desired inscription was hand engraved into it.


Parker 12g. Hammer Gun.

This Parker was partly broken through the wrist.  The break was repaired and reinforced by using a dowel inserted through the wrist from under the grip cap.  The fresh finish was added and checkering recut.  The surface wear and scaring from use was maintained as to fit the rest of the gun.


French 16g. SxS

This Shotgun had both sides of the beavertail forend splintered off at the top.  The pieces were lost.  The finish on all the wood was very worn and the checkering was near smooth.  New Wood was added to the forend, the wood was refinished and the checkering recut.


Benelli Competition 12g.

This Stock had a very beat up urethane finish on it that was chipping and cracking.  It was stripped down to wood and a new oil finish put on with checkering cleaned up.


Winchester 101

This gun had a custom stock on it which was very poorly made and also had a cheek piece for a left handed shooter.  The new owner of the gun was right handed and wanted the stock made usable and looking better than it was.  I was able to remove the cheek piece and maintain a monte carlo style comb.  The maple grip cap was restyled along with the rest of the stock contours.  And a new recoil pad fitted.


Savage 99 Lever Action Rifle

The buttstock on this Savage had a glossy finish on it and a satin finish on the forend.  The factory checkering was also quite worn on the wrist from a previous refinish.  Wood was also too proud on the bottom side of the tang.  The wood was brought down to the proper level, finish stripped and new oil finish applied with a satin look to match the forend perfectly.  The factory checkering on the wrist was recut in the original Savage style.  Below are photos of the finished rifle.