Custom Stock Making is the majority of the type of work that I do.  Thorugh the use of a single spindle duplication machine, hand fitting, finishing and checkering; a new or replacement stock can be fitted to nearly any firearm.

Historical accuracy is paramount in all of my work.  Careful research is done for every job to ensure that what is being done is as close to the way the original maker would have done it.  I can accommodate nearly any requirement for dimensions in a new stock that s customer desires, but all will be done within the parameters of what is correct for the firearm.  

Below are some examples of my work.


Lefever Optimus 10g.

A complete restock of an early Optimus 10g.  The original wood and trigger guard was lost.  All features of the stock and guard were designed from scratch based from the standpoint of being as historically accurate as possible.  The horn forend tip, grip cap and heel/toe plates were made from blanks.  Checkering is 24 lpi and 32 lpi.




Ah Fox HE Superfox.

This Superfox had been previously custom stocked by someone else and in 8 years time, the stock wrist had broken twice due to poor grain layout by the last stocker.  There was no point in trying to repair it again.  The forend was saved and a new buttstock was made for it to match in new dimensions as requested by the current owner.  A very attractive and strong piece of circassian walnut was selected for the job.  And it was checkered in the XE style to match the forend.


Parker GH 12g.

The busttstock on this early GH was replaced with American walnut.  The original forend was refinished to match.  The action also received new screws in order to clean up the guns overall appearance.


Ithaca NID 28g. Field.

A new buttstock was made from grade appropriate american walnut, the original forend received a new ebony wedge tip and was refinished.  Original checkering on forend was recut and new checkering in factory style cut on the new buttstock.  All metal was polished out and repaired where needed.  All screws were replaced not the action.  The barrels were rust blued and other blued parts were Nitre blued.  Case Colors were done by Classic Case Colors LLC.

Parker BHE Trap 12g.

New buttstock and beavertail forend made from Turkish walnut.  All metal surfaces repaired and polished and engraving recut.  Fresh case color and Nitre Blue.  Engraving by Gournet.  CCH by Turnbull.


Parker VH 16g. Restock

This is an example of a Restock and forend refinish in order to get a gun back in the field and doing its job.  The buttstock was made from grade appropriate American walnut in the original style.  Original dimensions were matched.  The forend was refinished to match the new buttstock.


Parker GH 12g.

This Parker GH was completely restored to like new. A new stock and forend were made from figured circassian walnut, the barrels’ black & white finish was restored by Dale Edmonds, All metal was repaired and prepped for engraving to be recut by Geoffroy Gournet.  Case coloring by Turnbull.  All wood work, metal prep, and nitro bluing was done by myself.


Parker VH 12g.

This Parker VH was a complete custom restoration built to the customer’s specifications.  American Walnut.  Beavertail Forend.  30″ barrels.  All Stock work, bluing, polishing and engraving touchups done in shop.  Case Coloring by Turnbull.


Parker Reproduction 20g. DHE

This repro 20g. had its original buttstock broken right through the wrist. A new stock and forend were made for it from quality circassian walnut. The checkering and finish is in the Meriden style. Buttstock was made to customer’s specifications for dimensions and cast.

Parker CHE 12g.

This Parker CHE 12g was restocked using Circassian walnut and finished with Amber shellac.  Metal will be refinished by the customer at a later date.


Parker VHE buttstock

This 12g. VHE had it’s original buttstock cut very short to where it was only about 13″ LOP with a pad!  The owner wanted it restocked to her dimensions for shooting.  14″ LOP over a period correct Hawkins pad.  1.5″ and 2.25″ drop with 3/8″ Cast off.  A piece of grade appropriate black walnut was used to make the stock.  Forend was refinished and checkering recut as well.


Parker VHE 12g. 32″ Restoration

This 12g. VHE was an overall sound gun when work began.  However, the frame had a horrible looking cyanide case color job and it also had a non original Beavertail forend on it.  A new forend was crafted in the correct style for a 1929 Parker.  The frame was polished out and correctly re-case colored.  Then the colors were aged back some as to simulate some natural wear to the frame.  Now the gun has the look of an original 80%+ condition gun.

Ithaca NID 20g. Grade 3.  New Forend

For this NID 20g. a new forend was made and fitted to the gun using a semi-insetted piece of New Old Stock wood from the Ithaca Factory.


Parker VH 16g. Custom Stock and restoration.

This 0 frame 16g. was stocked for a customer who required a very long Length of Pull and high dimensions in the comb.  He required a straight grip and also wanted all metal surfaces restored to like new.  American Walnut was used for the buttstock.  Original forend was refinished.  An original straight grip guard was fitted and engraved to match the gun.  All stock work, bluing, polishing and engraving touchup was done in shop.  Case colors by Turnbull.


Parker 16g. 0 frame buttstock.

This Parker 16g. had a badly broken buttstock that was also cut short.  A new buttstock was made for it using grade appropriate wood.  The level of finish and checkering was done in a way that the buttstock matches the condition of the original forend as well as the metal patina on the gun.  The overall package is a nice one that provides a sound usable gun that does not scream that it has had its stock replaced.


Winchester Model 71 restock.

Semi-Insetted wood was purchased for this model 71.  The stock set was fitted and finished to the gun.  All work was done in the original Winchester style with the only change being fancier wood for the standard grade.


AH Fox 20g. Ejector custom stock

This Sterlingworth 20g. was restocked in order to match another gun that the owner normally hunts with.  The dimensions were carefully measured from the other gun and replicated in the new one.  Upgraded wood was used as well as some custom features such as checkered cheek panels and full cover checkering on the forend.


Marlin 39a custom stock

This Marlin 39a Mountie model rifle was in great original condition, however the owner wished to make it a custom rifle with more of a classic look to it.  A beautiful piece of Claro Walnut was used to make the new stock and forend.  The buttstock was crafted with a Ballard style cheek piece on it and a Neidner checkered steel buttplate.  The forend was made to be very slim as to better accent the lines of the rifle and give it a classic look.  A traditional Marlin “Style C” checkering pattern was cut in at 24 lines per inch.


Parker GH Buttstock

The buttstock only was replaced on this early GH 12g.  Original stock dimensions were replicated.  The forend was refinished and checkered.


AH Fox A grade 16g. Custom stock.

This Fox was restocked to fit the customers exact and unique dimensions.  A very highly figured piece of walnut was used.  The Barrels and guard were polished and blued and frame re-case colored.


Winchester Model 1890 .22 WRF buttstock

This Winchester is a Deluxe upgrade built from a standard model 90 rifle.  The lower tang of the frame was bent and screw mount modified.  A new buttstock was made to fit the modified frame.  A piece of fancy American walnut was used.


Parker VHE buttstock

This 2 frame 12g. VHE started out as shootable, but in overall poor condition due to a screwed and bolted buttstock, cracked buttplate.  The buttstock was replaced to the same dimensions as the original with grade appropriate wood. The forend was refinished and re-checkered.  The barrels had significant wear to the bluing and has a lot of very fine freckling and pitting on them. They were re-struck and rust blued. The Trigger guard, triggers and safety button were polished and Nitre blued.


H&R 28g. Hammer Gun Restock

This 28g. hammer gun had a broken buttstock.  The owner wanted it restocked to his dimensions as well as wanted some custom features such as a straight grip, beavertail forend and a checkered butt.  An attractive piece of American walnut was selected that would not be too much for what the gun is.  Checkering is cut in 18 lines per inch.


Parker DHE Splinter Forend

This 12g. DHE was originally equipt with a Beavertail Forend, however the owner prefered the feel of a Splinter Forend for shooting.  Since the Beavertail forend iron is longer than and standard iron, an original forend could not be used.  A new one was made to fit the original BTFE ejector iron.  It was finished to match the buttstock and checkered in the factory pattern.


Remington 1917 Sporter stock in Laminate.

This Remington sporter had a an old Walnut stock on it that was pretty beat.  The customer wanted a laminate stock installed onto it.  A semi-inletted stock in brown laminate was acquired and the fitting and finishing was done along with checkering and a new pad.



Remington Model 11 Restoration.

This 12g. Model 11 had seen a long and hard life of use.  But it was the owners first shotgun ever purchased when he was young back in the 1950s.  It had previously seen rust pitting damage, then a buffing job and a hot blue.  The wood was very oil soaked and worn below the metal surfaces at the edges.

All metal surfaces were hand polished to remove pitting and straighten out the damage from buffing.  All screws were replaced or repaired.  The frame, trigger plate and barrel were Rust blued.  Other small parts flame blued.  The stock and forend were replaced with a semi-inletted set.  They were fitted, finish sanded, finished and checkered to 18 lines per inch.


Fox XE 12g. Forend

This Fox XE had a aftermarket stock and Beavertail forend on it.  The owner of the gun did not like the forend and wished a original style splinter forend be made for the gun.


Parker VHE 12g.

The original stock of this Parker was broken through the head and wrist. A new piece of feather crotch american walnut was fitted to the gun.  The original grip cap was reused and a new buttplate installed on the new stock.  The trigger guard also was bent when the stock broke, so it was straightened along with a new screw fitted.  Both tang screws were also fitted and finished to match the frame.


Parker 34″ barreled DHE 12g.

This Very long barreled DHE had seen some very hard use as a trap gun over the past nearly 100 years.  The for end had been replaced with a very large and unattractive beavertail forend, and the buttstock had been altered so many times that all that remained of the original stock was the wrist and head.  The butt end was made up of 4 different pieces of wood!  The owner wanted the gun put back to a more correct setup so that he could use it to waterfowl hunt with on occasion.  A piece of Circassian walnut was used for the new stock and splinter forend.  The buttstock was done in the original round knob style and fitted with a Silvers style recoil pad as it originally had on it when it left the factory.  The barrels and trigger guard were also re-blued.


Fox Sterlingworth 20g. Ejector Gun:

This Utica build Sterlingworth was a factory Beavertail forend ejector gun that the owner wished to make a lightweight english walnut field gun out of.  To save the amount of wood on the gun, a splinter forend was made and the buttstock was hollowed out in the rear under a normal buttplate.  The gun balances at the hinge pin and weighs in at 6 lbs.  The checkering patterns are based on higher grade Fox guns.


AH Fox 16g. A Grade

This A grade is custom stocked with Claro Walnut.  The customer was fitted and the stock was crafted to his specific dimensions.  His requirements meant a long length of pull and cast for a left hand shooter.  The checkering is 20 lines per inch.  Along with restocking, the receiver was re-case colored and barrels rust blued.  Case Coloring done by Malcolm Clark of East Haddam, CT.


Swedish M94 Mauser Carbine

I restocked this M94 Carbine to the customer’s exact specifications using a purchased semi-inletted stock.  The stock was then fitted the the action and reworked for finished form, finished and checkered.


Parker 16g. Hammer Gun:

The original stock on this Parker was far too short for most shooters.  The stock was replaced with one of modern dimensions.  The Sock features a checkered butt.


Fox Sterlingworth 16g.

This Sterlingworth 16g. was restocked with a piece of fancy black walnut from my inventory to better suit the customer’s requirements for dimensions.  The original Fox profile and checkering pattern was replicated.  A tasteful upgrade for a light bird gun.


Parker VH 12g.

This VH 12g. had a badly damaged and crudely repaired buttstock.  The buttstock was replaced, damaged guard bow also replaced with new engraving and fresh bluing.  Original forend was retained with fresh finish and recut checkering.  The original grip cap and buttplate were reused.


Lefever A Grade model 6 Skeet 12g.

This fully restored A grade is fitted with new Black Walnut buttstock and Beavertail Forend.  Checkering is fully pointed 20 line per inch in the factory style.


Custom 1911 Grips

A set of grips were made for this Stainless 1911 from fine English Walnut.  Checkered in a classic Double diamond pattern in 20 lines per inch.


Parker Trojan 12g.

This Trojan had its original stock broken thorugh the wrist and the forend was very worn.  A new buttstock and forend were replicated in black walnut.


H&R 20g. Slug Gun

This slug gun has a custom stock fitted to it which features a monte carlo comb, cheek piece and ebony forend tip.


Custom Mauser 98 Sporter. 

The stock on this custom built 30.06 Mauser rifle features a monte carlo comb, cheek piece, ebony forend tip, flush mount detachable sling swivels and steel grip cap/buttplate.


Parker GH 12g.

This Parker GH suffered a break through the wrist and the back half of the stock was lost.  A new stock was fitted with American black walnut.


Custom Lefever Nitro Special 12g.

The customer of this Lefever wanted a custom stock in straight grip and to his specific dimensions.  A beautifuly colored piece of american black walnut was used for the stock.  And 24 line per inch checkering was laid down in a pattern inspired by graded Ithaca guns.  Color Case restoration was done by Malcolm Clark of Heast Haddam, CT.


Parker VH Custom

This 12g. Parker VH came to me custom engraved, all blued and with a crudely crafted and carved stock.  Many of the screws on the gun were buggared up and not timed correctly.  I made a new stock for the gun out of fine figured black walnut.  Replacement splinter forend was also fitted.  The pistol grip guard was extended for the new straight grip stock.  A new Skeleten steel buttplate was fitted to the new stock.  All bad action screws were replaced.  All screws, guard tang and buttplate engraved by Noelle Feucht of New Milford, CT.  The action was re color case hardened by Malcolm Clark of East Haddam, CT.  The end result is a fine custom Parker that anyone would be proud to own.  See before and after photos below.


Parker Trojan 20g.

This Parker Trojan started out as just a complete action and a set of barrels.  It had no wood and no forend iron.  I fitted a NOS Parker forend iron to the frame, fitted new action screws where needed and made new wood for the gun.  Case colors were restored by Malcolm Clark of East Haddam, CT.


Winchester Model 43

This Winchester’s stock was replaced becasue the customer wanted more of a slimmed down forend on the stock instead of the more factory style 43 stock which has a very round belly on the forend.  He wanted to replicate more of a model 70 style forend.  But wanted everything else about the stock to remain like a factory 43.  He did not want to modify the original stock due to collectibility of the gun and its good condition.  A semi-inletted stock was purchased and fitted to the action.  The forend was reworked to have the desired taper and shape.  A new front screw bezel was made as to not have to remove the original one from the stock.  A replacement grip cap and screw matching the original was fitted to the new stock.  A factory style finish was applied and original style checkering was reproduced.


Baker Batavia Leader 12g.

This Leader 12g. came to me from the owner as complete with no wood at all.  And some of the action screws were missing.  New buttstock and forend were made, finished and checkered in the factory Baker style.  Missing tang screws were replaced as well.


.405 Win Double Rifle Conversion

This gun is a European double shotgun that was converted to a .405 Win double rifle.  I restocked the gun with a nice piece of Claro walnut.  The gun features a scalloped boxlock action.  The buttstock has a right side palm swell and left side cheek piece.  Forend is in the classic splinter style.  Checkering is 24 lines per inch.