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Stock Blanks for Sale

I usually have over 200 stock blanks on hand of varying qualities.  This gives me the ability to select a blank that suits your restock job accordingly.  Wood can always be supplied by the customer as well.  I would also sell blanks outright as well.

I have on hand:  Circassian Walnut, American Walnut, Bastogne Walnut, Claro Walnut as well as some others.

All pricing is very reasonable.




I am working on adding photos of my complete inventory of gunstock blanks.  Below is what I currently have gotten the chance to post.


Circassian Walnut – Small 2pc shotgun blanks


Circassian Walnut – Larger 2pc shotgun blanks


Circassian Walnut – Rifle Blanks


Claro Walnut Rifle Blanks


Bastogne Rifle Blanks


American Walnut Blanks – Fancy

Gallery Coming Soon


Myrtle Blanks

Gallery Coming Soon


Maple Blanks – Fancy


Misc. Blanks

Gallery Coming soon