Restocking an Ithaca 37 in the “T” style.

Some of the most desirable Ithaca 37 shotguns were the Pre-War 37Ts (trap model).  With their highly figured stocks and fine wrap around four-de-lis checkering patterns. This later Model 37 12g. with Vent Rib barrel was restocked in the style of those early 37Ts.  Factory new old stock semi-insetted and rough profiled wood was used …

Saving a heavily abused Lefever

This very early Lefever C grade Was broken through at the wrist, trigger guard broken, forend damaged and forend tip missing.  All was repaired, then the wood refinished and re-checkered to put a lot of life back into this old gun.  That piece of burl circassian walnut is just killer!