Restock of a Superfox

This Superfox had been previously custom stocked by someone else and in 8 years time, the stock wrist had broken twice due to poor grain layout by the last stocker.  There was no point in trying to repair it again.  The forend was saved and a new buttstock was made for it to match in new dimensions as requested by the current owner.  A very attractive and strong piece of circassian walnut was selected for the job.  And it was checkered in the XE style to match the forend.

Restocking an Ithaca 37 in the “T” style.

Some of the most desirable Ithaca 37 shotguns were the Pre-War 37Ts (trap model).  With their highly figured stocks and fine wrap around four-de-lis checkering patterns.

This later Model 37 12g. with Vent Rib barrel was restocked in the style of those early 37Ts.  Factory new old stock semi-insetted and rough profiled wood was used for the project.  They were fitted, shaped and finished to this gun.  Care was taken to profile the buttstocks grip and comb in the proper pre-war style, which was very different from the post-war guns.  The icing on the cake is the intricate borderless checkering pattern.  Hand cut in 24 lines per inch.

Saving a heavily abused Lefever

This very early Lefever C grade Was broken through at the wrist, trigger guard broken, forend damaged and forend tip missing.  All was repaired, then the wood refinished and re-checkered to put a lot of life back into this old gun.  That piece of burl circassian walnut is just killer!

A Full Restoration of an Ithaca NID 28g.

This little 28g. Ithaca received a full restoration with all work, except Case Color, being done in house.

A new buttstock was made from grade appropriate american walnut, the original forend received a new ebony wedge tip and was refinished.  Original checkering on forend was recut and new checkering in factory style cut on the new buttstock.  All metal was polished out and repaired where needed.  All screws were replaced not the action.  The barrels were rust blued and other blued parts were Nitre blued.  Case Colors were done by Classic Case Colors LLC.

Complete restoration of a rare Parker GH.

This Parker GH is one of very few made with original 25″ barrels.  The complete gun was restored to like new. A new stock and forend were made from figured circassian walnut, the barrels’ black & white finish was restored by Dale Edmonds, All metal was repaired and prepped for engraving to be recut by Geoffroy Gournet.  Case coloring by Turnbull.  All wood work, metal prep, and nitro bluing was done by myself.

A plain and simple restock of a VH 16g.

This old family gun had seen a lot of use over the years.  The buttstock had been cut down very short and then a crude wood extension added on to make it shootable.  The owner wanted the wood work put back right again.  The gun was fitted with a piece of new, grade appropriate, American walnut.  The dimensions were matched to original.  A new buttplate, grip cap and new screws were also fitted.  The original forend was refinished and all checkering cut/recut in the original factory style.

Good for another 100 years.