Making them look untouched

It is very important to me to do restoration work in a sympathetic manner and to not make a firearm look restored.  Unless the purpose is to make a firearm look like brand new, the object should be to have the work done fit well with the surrounding condition in order to create a great overall package.

This Parker DH had it’s checkering worn down pretty smooth and the owner wished to have it recut.  completely pointing it up to like new would stick out like a sore thumb next to the rest fo the finishes on the gun.  So a careful job was executed to clean out and deepen each line to an appropriate depth for the amount of use that the gun has had.  The wrist, forend and butt surface were all treated in this way.  Also a buggered up hinge pin screw was replaced with a clean used one and properly timed.  The end result is a gun that looks like it wore and aged to exactly how it is.