Restoring a BIG Parker 8ga

Below are several before and after photos of a fully restored Parker 8ga.  Barrel length is 40.5″, the longest length that Parker built any barrels in.  The gun was put back on face, stock damage repaired and all wood refinished/checkered.  The barrels were refinished in striking black & white by Dale Edmonds.  All metal was completely polished out to eliminate as much pitting as possible.  Damages screw holes and corners were welded and re-cut/shaped.  All damaged screws were replaced with new ones.  All engraving was re-cut from pretty much scratch by Geoffroy Gournet.  Blued parts were refinished.  The action was case colored by Turnbull Manuf.  The original buttplate was badly worn but was restored as much as possible as to fit in with the rest of the gun.