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New Manufactured Parker Parts available.

Through cooperation with machine shop vendors, I am able to offer some select Parker service parts.

Currently available:

New Parker buttplate screws:  Made to original specifications but heads are left high with no slots so they can be properly fitted and slots timed. Price: $5.00ea as is


New Parker Roll Joints:  Oversized for refitting of barrels to frame.  No welding of hook required.  Install oversized joint and re-fit hook.  Available in diameters: .440″, .445″ and .450″ (original used joints run .435″-.440″).  Price: $125ea

New Parker locking bolts:  Straight bolts for hammerless guns that can be used as a direct replacement for 1905-1910 parkers or on 1888-1905 parkers with the angle being put on the bolt and fitted to the gun.  Price: $75.00ea.

Top action hammer and Lifter hammer bolts will also be available soon.

Other parts in the design process are forend latch keys and external hammers for Parkers.

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