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Building a Winchester 1890 Deluxe Upgrade.

This Winchester .22 WRF rifle started out as a standard model 90.  The original buttstock had been badly broken and repaired through the wrist.  Along with the damage to the stock, both upper and lower tangs of the frame had been bent to one side.  Since the rifle had to be restocked and tangs straightened, it was a good candidate to build a Deluxe upgrade.  The tangs were both straightened, then the lower tang bent for the pistol grip.  The tang screw mounting needed to be altered through the addition of a bushing attached to the lower tang for it to screw into.  A new buttstock was made using fancy American walnut.  The original forend was reused.  The entire rifle was then polished and blued with a mixture of rust and nitre blue.  Many of the screws on the gun were also replaced along the way.

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