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Custom stocking a Marlin 39a rifle.

This Marlin 39a Mountie model rifle was in great original condition, but it had the typical fat and crudely shaped stock and forend that was typical of newer Marlin rifles.  The owner wished to make it a custom rifle with more of a traditional look to it.  A beautiful piece of Claro Walnut was used to make the new stock and forend.  The buttstock was crafted with a Ballard style RH cheek piece on it and a Neidner checkered steel buttplate.  The forend was made to be very slim as to better accent the lines of the rifle and give it a classic look.  The slim forend and wrist along with the longer length of pull makes the rifle appear to be longer than it really is.  A traditional Marlin “Style C” checkering pattern was cut in at 24 lines per inch.

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