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Freshening up a Parker GH 20g.

Eighty years of use had left this 1932 vintage 20g. GH Parker in well worn cosmetic condition.  However, despite the amount of hunting it saw, the gun was pretty well cared for.  The original stock finish was very worn and completely gone in a lot of areas.  Checkering was half worn flat.  The wood had various marks and gouges.  The buttplate was cracked and half gone along with the toe of the stock broken off at the tip.  The barrel blue was in about 70% condition with no major pitting issues.  The owner of this gun wished for it to be freshened up so it would present better, but not to be made to look like a new gun. 

The buttplate was replaced with a new one and the toe of the stock repaired.  The stock and forend was worked over to remove any dents and damage that was on the surface.  A fresh shellac finish was applied and all checkering recut.  The barrels were polished out and rust blued.  And the trigger guard was nitre blued.  Other small parts like the triggers and safety were elected to be left in original finish as to fit in with the condition of the rest of the action. 

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