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Performing a “Butt Transplant” on a 98 Mauser

This K98 Mauser had a buttstock that was too short for its owner to comfortably shoot due to the non-adjustable claw mounted scope.  It needed about an additional 1″  to 1.5″ of length.  And the addition of a thicj recoil pad was not an option because the existing buttplate was a military mauser type with long extention on top with a screw into the top of the stock.  A utilitarian wood extention could have been put on, but it would have been unsightly and the owner also wished for the stock to be refinished, checkered and ebony accents put onto it.  The solution was to remove the back half of the stock behind the grip and install a donor back half from another stock.  After the repair and finishing, new checkering was cut.  The repair seam is fully hidden by the rear checkering border of the wrist panel. 


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