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Repairing a Grade 3 Parker Hammer Gun

This fine Parker hammer gun had at one time its checkering worked on by an untrained hand.  The forend had an attempt at a full cover checkering pattern, which got badly out of control in the rear section.  And the wrist checkering was full of over runs and the patterns did not match from one side to the other.  Also, details in the wrist area were worn out with age.  Such as the drop points and the pointed “hump” on the top of the wrist was nearly indistinguishable.  Below are before photos.


The forend was beyond repair and needed to be replaced.  New checkering in the correct grade 3 pattern was laid down on it.  The wrist of the buttstock was able to have the old checkering removed completely and in the process, the drop points and other important features were able to be re-defined.  The buttstock was refinished and new checkering cut in the wrist.  Below are final photos of the result.


This subject grade 3 hammer gun is the PGCA 2014 raffle gun.  Tickets are available for sale.  $5 each or a book of SIX for $25. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please contact me.  Or inquire with the PGCA directly.

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