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Making a Parker BTFE right again.

This fine Parker CHE had at one time had a non original Beavetail Forend (BTFE) added to it.  A proper forend iron was fabricated for it, which utilized the draw bolt in the nose of the forend.  However the forend wood itself was the issue.  It was very fat and had a large belly on it.  The latching mechanism had crude alterations done to it and the forend had a hard time staying on the gun under recoil of firing.  The finish of the wood was also very dry and the checkering was in no way correct for the gun.  The below photo shows the forend in its beginning state.


The forend latch lever and also the locking key had to be replaced due to the crude alterations that had been previously done to them.  The Forend wood was able to be reshaped into a proper form for a Parker BTFE.  The belly on the bottom was removed by ferther inletting the forend latch by about 1/4″.  The sides were slimmed down and the nose reshaped to make a very pleasing forend on this fine gun.  And finally, proper checkering was added to complete the job.




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