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Reviving a Family Heirloom

This Parker VH has belonged to and was passed down through the owners family since it was purchased new in 1901.  It had been used a lot as a working shotgun.  The buttstock had been very badly damaged and crudely repaired with screws, tie wrap, etc.  The trigger guard bow had a second screw run through it at the rear that went right through the engraved serial number.  And the forend had a deep 4 inch long scratch running through the checkering pattern. 

A new buttstock was made using grade appropriate black walnut.  The original grip cap, buttplate and stock shield was reused.  An original style amber shellac finish tops off the new wood and fresh checkering was cut on the wrist.  A replcement guard bow and new screw was used.  The correct serial number and border engraving was recut by Geoffroy Gournet before being reblued.  The damage to the forend was repaired, fresh finish applied and checkering recut to nearly hide the damage that was done. 

This revived VH can now continue to serve the family it has been in since 1901 and be passed down through ferther generations to come.





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