The importance of screws on fine guns.

On any fine gun, the details count the most.  It is what sets them apart from others when it comes to the level of quality put into hand finished guns.  Incorrectly timed or buggered up screw slots on a gun can be a major negative when it comes to value and also the overall condition of a vintage firearm. 

This Parker VH 20g is a good example of poor screws that have had incorrect tools used on them as well as being out of allignment.  This is all too common of a problem on such guns.  Two of the Three screws are needing to be replaced. When they were removed, it was found that the two front screws had been switched.  The screws are marked from the factory as to where they belong on the gun.  When I put the one good screw (upper left in photo) back into its correct location, it timed as it should to point North/South.


New screws were then installed, timed and finished down to the other two locations.


Finally the addition of some artificial patina and finishing dulls the screw heads down enough to blend into the surrounding metal on the frame.  The result is an again attractive and clean trigger plate.  Just as the craftsman at Parker Brothers intended.